Schools across the country are reading books about the story of the Lost
Boys when they were children in Sudan (now South Sudan). The Lost Boys Center
receives requests from schools for a former Lost Boy to give a presentation,
either in person or via Zoom, on his life story.
Alier Reng is a former Lost Boy who has recently become a
Board member of the Lost Boys Center. Alier has offered to
become a speaker at schools educating the students on the
story of the Lost Boys.
His first presentation was at Jefferson Middle School in
Jefferson, GA.
Jefferson Middle School
100 Dragon Drive
Jefferson, GA
…..Mascot is a dragon (address is on Dragon Drive)
……..School colors are: Royal Blue, Red and White
……….Slogan is: “Exposure to Excellence Promotes Excellence”
…………Muffin is their therapy dog

Jefferson Middle School is a highly rated, public school located
in Jefferson, GA. It has 884 students in grades 6-8 with a student-
teacher ratio of 15 to 1.
Thanks to Tracy Pratt from Jefferson Middle School for inviting
Alier Reng to give a presentation via Zoom to the students.
It is exciting to hear from schools across the country that they
are reading the story of the Lost Boys. Tracy, it meant a lot to
us that you were intereested in inviting a former Lost Boy to
give a presentation at your school. We hope we will be able to
return to your school again in the future.
Best wishes to all of you at Jefferson Middle School.