Thank you, Holly Taylor from Alhambra High School
for inviting Jany Deng to be a guest speaker at your
school via Zoom.

Jany loved the time he spent with you and the students.
He enjoys telling the students his life story and that of
the Lost Boys.

An excerpt from Holly’s email after Jany’s presentation:

“Our students loved the opportunity to speak with Jany
about his experience. It was a memorable day for many of
us. I had so many students tell me how impacted they were
to talk to someone who lived through similar experiences to
themselves. We have a population of refugee students from
Central Africa (Uganda/Congo), as well as other refugee
students who can relate to the displacement experienced by
Salva, Jany and the others.”

Thank you for letting us know how Jany made such an impression
on the students. We hope that we will be able to visit your
school again either in person or via Zoom.