This summer, the children of former Lost Boys/Girls stayed at Jeff Erdmann’s ranch in Colorado.
They were excited to be around the horses and stables and to be able to ride the horses along
the many trails.
A day at Steamboat Springs was on the agenda. The children went on a chairlift ride. The chairlift
gave them a chance to view the area from a distance off the ground. There was a coaster ride at
Steamboat where each child sat in a car and rode along winding tracks at a fast rate of speed. It
was great fun and excitement for them.
All of us at the Lost Boys Center, and the children, would like to thank Jeff and his family for
inviting the children to their ranch. The children were anxious to sign up for the trip when they
first heard about it. Jeff spent a lot of time preparing for the children to arrive at his ranch.
Thank you again to Jeff and your family. To have you as a friend to the Lost Boys Center is so
special to all of us.
Thanks to Karen Higgins. Karen gave the children an assortment of goodies to use during their
camping experience. Karen is always so thoughtful and wanted to make sure the children had a fun time
during their trip.
Enjoy some of the photos below of the camping trip.

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